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Hair Removal


The permanent removal of unwanted hair by using shortwave diathermy and with disposable needles.

A course of treatments is recommended.

10 mins £10.00

15 mins £15.00

45 mins £30.00

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Lycon Hot Waxing

Why choose Lycon waxing?

Lycon hot wax will remove stubborn hair as short as 1mm, leaving your skin soft, hair free and without sticky residue. Lycon is the industry leader when it comes to waxing both in terms of comfort and results. Lycon hot wax is 50% less painful than normal strip wax.



Upper Lip


Chin Only




Lips & Chin


Full Face

From £35.00

Under Arms




Bikini Line


High Bikini






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Australian Bodycare 'A' grade superior Tee Tree Wax in individual disposable applicators for fast effective and hygienic waxing by 'one of natures' most powerful skin healers. This wax is of the highest quality and contains the pure essential oil of Tee Tree which has increadible anticeptic, soothing and healing properties for the skin and hair follicles. It is ideal for sensitive and irritated skins and perfect for intimate waxing. It is slightly more expensive but worth every penny.

Full Leg and Bikini £30.00 

Full Leg and Brazilian£45.00 

Full Leg and Hollywood£50.00 

Full Leg £26.00 

½ Leg£18.00 

Bikini £11.00 

High Bikini£15.00 

Brazilianfrom £22.00 


Full Armfrom £21.00

1/2 Arm£15.00 

Under Arm£10.00 


Lip and Chin £12.00 



Backfrom £20.00

Chest from £17.00

Facefrom £15.00